Redeeming Your Sessions: The Short and Sweet

Hello new WP with Heart Student. We are about to embark on a delightful Geeky sweet adventure and I want to make sure that you are able to redeem and schedule your sessions effortlessly!

I’m using AcuityScheduling. If you are familiar with that platform you’ve already conquered half the mole hill!

Here are the steps to getting that first lesson scheduled.

Complete Your Order

After clicking the Complete your WP with Heart DIY Website Course Order link you’ll arrive at a page to “purchase” the course. I’ve conveniently made the amount you pay $0.00. Simply because you’ve already paid, right? This is how I get you into the system.

Just fill the required information, pay no mind to the coupon code field.

Click Completer Order.

Get Your Certificate Code

On the next page, your Order Receipt, look for your Certificate Code. Save this number in a safe place. You’ll need it every time you book a session in this course.

Book Your Session

You can book your first session immediately or wait and book it via the Schedule Your WP with Heart Session link.

Booking Immediately

After you’ve Completed your Order you have the option to schedule a Session on the spot. You can click the Schedule link right next to your Certificate Code on your Order Receipt.

Booking Later

You can book your session later by clicking the link provided in the Complete Your Order: Get Your WP with Heart Session Bundle you received upon signing up. The link will also be available in your WP with Heart Membership Dashboard.

Choose an Available Time Slot

You’ve got this! Choose a time to get started. If this is not your first session, just make sure you’ve allowed 3 business days in between the one you’re booking and the last one when we met in Zoom. Never book several sessions ahead. Book one after we meet.

Confirm Your Information and Redeem Your Session with the Code

Step 2 of the booking process is very important. You’ll need to use that Certificate Code you safely stored away. Optionally, you can use the email that you used to complete your order.

Fill out the required fields.

Click Redeem Package.

Add your Certificate Code or Email. You’ll see how your sessions will count down without either of us having to think about it. Pretty cool, right?

Click Complete Appointment.

Booking Confirmation

Whoo hoo! We got there!

Notice how you’re once again conveniently shown how may sessions you have left.

Now, you can add it to your calendar. Let me strongly suggest that you put our appointment in your calendar of choice. We’ve had automation on our side so far, give ’em wheel when it comes to reminding you that you have an appointment.