Protect Yourself in the Privacy Policy Jungle

WP with Heart



Good News!

WP with Heart has teamed up with Termageddon as an Agency Partner. This means I can bring you the awesomeness of Termageddon’s Policy generator at a discounted price. If you’re not familiar with this delightful company, then let me introduce you.

Termageddon provides an stress free and comprehensive way to keep up with many, many privacy laws among individual states in the US and foreign countries. That’s right, the World Wide Web has blurred boundaries, so anyone looking at your website in jolly England needs to be protected by the UK privacy laws.

Individual privacy laws are being added and amended quite frequently and you are required to keep up with them. That’s where Termageddon comes in. With their policy generator you can create a privacy policy specific to your needs and the audience that you serve and they will keep you up to date from their end.

Termageddon also helps you generate your Cookie policy and Terms & Conditions (if needed) for your business.

As an Agency Partner, I can offer you a 20% discount on the yearly subscription regularly priced at $119.

I also walk you through the set up process for your Privacy Policy and Cookie Notice and install them on your website.

You pay only $95/yearly + a one time $150 set up fee.

Let’s get started today!