Project Questionnaire

Project Questionnaire
Have you ever used Wordpress before? *

Company or Organization

Who are the main contacts for this project? *
Who has final approval for commissioning and/or signing off on this project? *

The Project

What is the budget for this project? *
Has any work been done toward designing a new website? *
Will the website reinforce an existing branding or marketing strategy? *
Do you already have website assets? Photographs? A logo, color scheme or other branding? *

Your Current Site (if you have one)

Do you have a website that is currently live on the internet? *

Your Audience

Your Content

Will the content be: *
Do you have a site map or plan for your new site already prepared? No worries if you don't. *

Your Website Functionality

Are there extraordinary security issues? *
Are there other technical issues or limitations? *
Have you budgeted for hosting and maintenance of the site? *

Website Examples

This part of the questionnaire is very important. The more work you put into it, the more your project will benefit because we'll visual examples as a starting point. Find up to three high quality sites on the web that relate to your project in the following categories:

Find up to 3 sites that have a branding situation similar to yours. (Eg: new company or organization, new brand, established brand, etc.).

Find up to 3 sites that appeal to same target group of customers, clients or site visitiors as you do.

Find up to 3 sites that represent the colors, look-and-feel, user interface, layout.

Find up to 3 sites that seem to be close to the size of site you are planning.

Find up to 3 sites that demonstrate the reach beyond the website: Eg: social media, advertising and marketing, or any non-website information that adds to the overall internet presence.

Find up to 3 sites that have the same publishing style as you: Eg: frequency of publishing, novelty of content, length of content, etc.).

Find up to 3 sites you feel do a great job attracting new people to the site (engaging content, giveaways, impact, etc.).

Find up to 3 sites that demonstrate the quality of the content you'd like to achieve.

Find up to 3 sites with the level of quality of graphics you'd like to see.

Find up to 3 sites that demonstrate the type of functionality (special features or things people can do on the site) that you wish to have..

Find up to 3 sites that provide examples of community that are similar to your project.

Find up to 3 sites that are your overall favorite sites (for whatever reasons).

Notes or Comments