Let’s Kick Off Discovery with Your Project Questionnaire

Did you know that your website is part of a larger project? Perhaps you’ve never looked at it that way. You see, the website is just the tip of a very big iceberg. Underneath lies a crazy matrix that suspends your website in a web of success. Such things as social media, SEO, and lead generation are the hidden machines working tirelessly for you…if you employ them in the best way possible.

You should be thinking about your site visitors well before they actually visit your site. There is a customer or client journey that is  important to consider and the wealth of information you gather from your research (don’t worry, I’m not tossing science at you!)  is invaluable.

One of the best ways to break the ice on this Website building scene is to answer questions. Um… quite a few of them, actually. But, trust me, every single question is vital. You will be amazed at how clarifying it is to really think about what your doing webwise before you do it.

So with no further ado, let’s get started!

New WPwH new student: One Hour Discovery

A Mission Statement can express what you do and why you do it. It can also be a declaration of intention or a way of life and values you’d like to espouse. Check out these great examples of real Mission Statements for organizations and companies you may be familiar with. If you don’t have a Mission Statement yet, no worries. Just write what you are feeling right now.

Goals can be simple or lofty. Some goals are personal. Goals for your online presence tend to relate to your site visitors as well as yourself. Some examples of goals: “Create a medium for my writing so that I can inspire others.” “Get booked as a public speaker”, “Book clients”, “Create an online portfolio to garner more work”. Be as specific as you can. Keep in mind: Selling products or eCommerce is beyond the scope of this workshop.

This is vitally important as it dictates the mood, feel and messaging on your website. It’s the heart of marketing your site. Attracting the wrong crowd can be discouraging. If you know specifically who you are serving, then your decisions flow easier. Examples of the types of visitors: “Women and Men over 65 who don’t want to retire”, “tech savvy people who wish to unplug now and again”, “Shy people who wish to find their narrative voices.”

You know the old saying “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”. This is a pretty big deal on the WWW where attention spans can be short and patience can be in short supply. You want to make your site feel as comfy and inviting as possible for your visitors. So, how do you want them to feel? Confident, peaceful, empowered, delighted? Do you want them to know they can trust you and your knowledge?

Success can be measured in infinite ways. But, the most meaningful measurements to you are the ones that make your heart sing. Perhaps you’d feel tremendously successful if you had 500 visitors to your site everyday. Or maybe success means that you get 4 or 5 new clients a month. Sometimes it just knowing you’re online, finally! It could be anything.

Have you tried this website thing before?

I’m assuming you are taking the WP with Heart workshop as a novice and you don’t have a website at all. But, perhaps you have what I’d call a, them, ghetto-looking website and you are here to start anew. If that is the case, then answer the following questions.

Keep in mind: eCommerce and shopping cart sites are beyond the scope of this Workshop. So, talk about anything else but that!

Do you have a few websites bookmarked that you just adore? Add them here.

You see, when you resonate with something, it because it triggers a like-minded intention or sensibility in yourself. By expressing what you admire in others, you’re saying “That’s me, too! I’m pretty freaking awesome just like that!”. Don’t let the mind fool you on this one. Admiration and appreciate come from the heart and the heart reflects who YOU really are.

Well, that's it! Now, I have a pretty good idea where to start when we have our discovery call!