Crafting About Me/Us

The first lesson and group calls helped you craft your mission statement and answer the big WHY in regards to what you are offering on line.

In this lesson you’re going to get up close and personal with your targeted niche and create a persona.

In addition, you’re going to further elaborate on your About Me/Us page. This page is often overlooked or added as an afterthought. Big mistake!

It’s this page where you can go wild and inform your site visitors. Let them know what you’re all about. Why you do what you do, what makes you different than others in your industry, what challenges you’ve overcome, where you intend to go and how you will enhance the future for them. This is the place to captivate, inspire and earn the visitors trust.

But, in order to relate to your targeted audience, it’s most helpful to create that there persona. See, how we came full circle?

You will find some guidance for both of these exercises below.

Let’s continue to tackle that About page. It’s really about the story and your unique perspective. This guide offers 5 Aspects to include in your About story and fresh new examples that will inspire you.

Unique & Effective About Me/Us with Examples