How It Works

WP with Heart is a 9 week program that will take you from Discovery to Website launch for your heart inspired venture. But, this isn’t your usual online techie business program. We’re going to be led by our own guidance systems: our Hearts. That and a huge dose of spontaneity!

WordPress with Heart

This program doesn’t consist of a system, but does make use of various techie tools to get your unique heart inspired message on the web. The most important tool is WordPress. There’s a reason why 30% of the web is powered by this incredible software. And the founder, Matt Mullenweg, insured that the self-hosted WordPress software will be free and open source, for-EVER!  Hmm… open source is also a great philosophy in life. It means that you allow access to your source code so that others can contribute to it and make it more robust and take it to unlikely and magical places.

This is a great segue into one of the key elements to the WP with Heart program…

A Crucible of Creativity and Collaboration

This program is 9 Weeks. During those weeks you’ll be amongst a hand-selected group of 17 fellow adventurers who know that their heart is boss when it comes to serving others with their J.O.B.s (Joyful Obsession with Benefits). An environment of collaboration is encouraged with brainstorming and spontaneous creative ideas.

Anything could happen. Entrepreneurial partnerships may even ensue!

From Discovery to Website Launch (and everything in between)

That’s right. We’re going to get a real bona fide website up and running at the end of 9 weeks. You will be using a simple WordPress theme and gain knowledge on editing it to fit your unique style. Do you like the professional look of this website? I’m using the same theme that I’ll be providing for you. See! I’m walking the walk!

But what about all this “everything in between” stuff?

A website is just the tip of your online iceberg. Beneath that sea of pixels lies a treasure trove of tools and software for you to leverage for a more efficient and productive online experience.

I’ve got so many goodies to share with you! Tools and tricks, information and inspiration; and other awfully awesome alliterative pairings!

What You Get in the WP with Heart Program

9 Weeks of expert WordPress coaching and Custom Web Consulting as you build your:
One Straight-forward, visually pleasing website, that reflects your unique personality and resonates with your audience.
1 hour One-on-One Website Discovery Zoom Call mapping out your online goals for your heart inspired venture.
9 Weekly 90 minute Group Zoom calls
Private WP with Heart Lifetime Membership Access to Members only videos, resources and other content
Slack Workspace for direct and group communication
Time spent over the course of the program developing Know-how on:

  • Google Analytics
  • Email Capture & Lead magnets!
  • Automated Scheduling for appointments or (adventure &) discovery calls
  • On site Search Engine Optimization
  • Easy photo and image editing tips and tutorial
  • Beginning Social Media emphasizing Instagram

And the most important component?


How Much is this Going to Cost?

So… did you just scroll immediately down to this section, past all the juicy stuff up there, to see what you’d be shelling out? If I give you the price, will you promise to scroll back up and read about why I created this Program? Okay, good.

WP with Heart Program Price

This is the very first session of the WP with Heart Program, arose from my heart inspired nudges. I aim to keep it spontaneous and wildly creative and I’m taking you on this Beta Adventure with me. You’re feedback will be invaluable to me, that’s why I’m offering it at a significantly reduced rate.

If you’ve read this far and you feel the tingles of excitement, then I’d love to ask you a few questions so that we know we’re a perfect fit. And, afterwards, you can scream “Hell yeah!” with unbridled enthusiasm.

I’d love to chat with you about this!

Let’s get the ball rolling!