Paragraph Block

The Paragraph block icon in the text section of the blocks panel.

Think of the Paragraph block as the basic building block for creating your content in the block editor. You’ll use it so frequently that it’s the default block whenever you arrive on a blank page or post or even hit return. All you have to do is start typing. (The other blocks are kind of jealous, to be honest.)

Sometime the Paragraph Block gets “worn for the wrong reason, not necessarily the wrong season”. For instance, a Paragraph Block can be mistakenly used instead of a Heading Block. This is a fashion faux pas, since a Heading Block is extremely important when it comes to making your content Accessible for those who require assisted technologies to read the web. The Heading Block is also in fashion when it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

When to Wear the Paragraph Block

You will use this block practically all of the time because the vast majority of your content will be in paragraphs.

Tips When Wearing the Paragraph Block

Keep those paragraphs short.

The mini is in style on the Web. Long blocks of text can be overwhelming to readers and result in lots of scrolling on mobile devices. Your carefully crafted message can get lost in the fabric of long drawn out paragraphs.

The attention span on the Web is shorter than one required to read a book, magazine or newspaper. There are exceptions: If your site is a web version of a book, magazine or newspaper.

Avoid Centered or Right Aligned text.

Centered text isn’t fun to read. If you are only writing a sentence or two as in a bold statement or quote, then the urge to center the text is justified and you can get away with it. Otherwise, long passages of centered text create orphans out of the final words. Centered text is also tedious for those with impaired vision.

Right aligned text is just downright painful. Like wearing socks with sandals: Just don’t do it.

Heading Block

The Heading Block is worn when you want to stand out from the rest of the page. It’s often worn with the Paragraph Block. The Heading Block works much like an outline for your content and its vital for Accessibility. This block allows those who read the web with assisted technologies to scan your page for sections in your content. The Heading Block font usually has bolder and more unique style than the Paragraph Block.

Tips When Wearing the Heading Block

You can get away with fonts categorized as Display Fonts. Display Fonts are better read when the font size is large. But don’t go too crazy! The font needs to be readable. Some display fonts aren’t really that readable. It’s best to test them by having someone else try to read your content.