What is WordPress?

WordPress powers 31% of the internet. If you browse the web for any amount of time, you’ve probably visited a scores of WordPress powered sites. They range from simple blog to large enterprise level sites. WordPress is called a content management system. This means that you can create, edit and delete content yourself! Now, ain’t that grand? You can find out more about WordPress on the official site.

Are they any additional costs besides the program fee?

Yep. Like with any schooling in life, you’ve got to purchase the books, so to speak. I’ve tried to make this Beta program as affordable as possible. But, there are still a few additional cost you need to consider. In fact, things just won’t fly unless you put some skin in the game for these:

Web Hosting: $5.95 to $30 per month (paid yearly)

The world won’t be able to see your new website unless there is a place to host it on a server. Web hosting is provided by hundreds of different companies. I am partial to Siteground [affiliate link]. They have the best customer service in the industry. I’ve been with them for nearly 3 years, now and I’ve not had any issues. I am also a SiteGround affiliate. I didn’t make that choice lightly. It took me 3 years of testing them out before I felt comfortable becoming one.

Most folks stick to the lower end of the price range if they are just starting out.

You may already have hosting and that’s wonderful! You’ve gotten one of the bigger expenses out of the way.

Email Marketing Service: Free – $9 per month (paid yearly) 

An email marketing service is like a vessel that holds the emails you collect on your website so you can send automated emails and newsletters to your growing list. I highly recommend Active Campaign for this and this will be the software I’ll be demoing in our program. However, if you already use Mail Chimp, AWeber, or any other email marketing service that’s fine. Perhaps, you’ll see the awesomeness of Active Campaign and decide to make a change. Change is good.