About WP with Heart 1 on 1 Coaching

In the world of business and entrepreneurship there is a rule of thumb: Create a “system” that works and work the “system”. As evident from many success stories, this works for some.

I’ve tried systems, funnels and programs by well meaning entrepreneurial rockstars. I’ve viewed webinars warning me about the 5 Whacky Things I Didn’t Know that Were Hiding Under My Bed to Enhance My Business or The 3 Surprisingly Obvious Reasons Why I Should Avoid Eating Food Well Past It’s Expiration Date if I Want a Successful Online Business.

But, I’ve found that using a system that works for others and trying to shoehorn it into my own business just wasn’t cutting it. Hmmm…maybe cookie cutter is a better analogy? Yes, it is. I didn’t want to be just a dough ball of potential destined for the cookie cutter. Didn’t want to be manufactured and soulless, with the only difference being the scattered configuration of sprinkles on top.

I’m not saying those who use systems are soulless. I’m saying that Soul needs room to expand and when it teams up with Heart, you’ve got a dynamic duo that will take you on adventures unforeseen. Good ones.

I discovered the only true system existed within myself. I simply had to be quiet and sit still long enough for it to speak up and nudge me in the right direction.

What’s in Store for you?

Oh wouldn’t you like to know? But, that’s part of the fun! Part of the mystery and the complete adventure to see where your heart will take you.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “If my heart is leading this course then why am I paying you?”

Let me ask you this: Have you ever had a hunch – a damn good one – from deep within, and everyone you shared it with talked you out of it? Or told you that your idea has already been done by someone else and done OH SO MUCH better than you would have done it? Did you allow your little sparkle to fizzle out from the over abundance of nay sayer hater-aid? Or did your little hunch retreat back into your heart, waiting for a more receptive audience?


In the WP with Heart program you will be surrounded by people who believe hunches are good and are actually the TRUE path you should take. We are a group of entrepreneurs who want to nurture your hunches, your hair brained ideas, your heart driven inspirations. Think of it as a Crucible of Spontaneous Creativity.

This program provides a wee bit more than a space for explosive creativity and warm fuzzies, however.

Remember all of that talk earlier where I subtly poo pooed systems? Well, those systems are made of tools and tools are meant to be used to create your own system. That’s where this program really shines! You are going to get a virtual closet full of online tools and tips to help you with your online presence and you will have the confidence to use them. And the best part? You will have a real bona fide website when we are finished. A professional self-hosted WordPress Site. That’s the “WP” in this program.

WordPress: I’m a Fan Girl.

I’m a bit of a WordPress Passionista. I’m well known in the So Cal WordPress community. I’ve spoken at WordCamps and I’ve developed custom sites for clients such as Lucidity Festival and Bruce Hale. In this course your site will be a simple, clean, professional start. Because, you don’t have to go no holds barred to hold someone’s attention and captivate them. You will be using the same tools I used to build this site. See! You would have stopped reading a long time ago if this didn’t look professional. Right?

The Heart is Boss

Finally, I believe passionately in this coaching program. This very site itself and the idea came from my heart after a one hour meditation. I simply sat and listened to my heart, took the inspired step. Funny thing about the heart, once you start listening to it, you’ll find it has a lot of things to say, but it will only give you one step at a time and all you need to do is trust it. I did and look where I ended up? Speaking to you, site visitor, about an amazing 16 session journey ahead of you.

WP with Heart is a 16 session program that will take you from Discovery to Website launch for your heart inspired venture. But, this isn’t your usual online techie business program. We’re going to be led by our own guidance systems: our Hearts. That and a huge dose of spontaneity!

WordPress with Heart

As I mentioned, this program doesn’t consist of a cookie cutter system, but does make use of various techie tools to get your unique heart inspired message on the web. The most important tool is WordPress. There’s a reason why 31% of the web is powered by this incredible software. And the founder, Matt Mullenweg, insured that the self-hosted WordPress software will be free and open source, for-EVER!  Hmm… open source is also a great philosophy in life. It means that you allow access to your source code so that others can contribute to it and make it more robust and take it to unlikely and magical places.

This is a great segue into one of the key elements to the WP with Heart program…

A Crucible of Creativity and Collaboration

During your time in this program you’ll be amongst a hand-selected group of fellow adventurers who know that their heart is boss when it comes to serving others with their J.O.B.s (Joyful Obsession with Benefits). An environment of collaboration is encouraged in the weekly group calls, with brainstorming and spontaneous creative ideas.

Anything could happen. Entrepreneurial partnerships may even ensue!

From Discovery to Website Launch (and everything in between)

That’s right. We’re going to get a real bona fide website up and running at the end of your 16 sessions. You will be using a simple WordPress theme and gain knowledge on editing it to fit your unique style. Do you like the professional look of this website? I’m using the same theme that I’ll be providing for you. See! I’m walking the walk!

But what about all this “everything in between” stuff?

A website is just the tip of your online iceberg. Beneath that sea of pixels lies a treasure trove of tools and software for you to leverage for a more efficient and productive online experience.

I’ve got so many goodies to share with you! Tools and tricks, information and inspiration; and other awfully awesome alliterative pairings!

Module 1: Content Strategy

The fundamentals of Content Strategy and Why it’s important to plan what you want to say and who you want to say it to. We’ll investigate your Mission statement and discover the WHY behind what you’re doing.

Module 2: Crafting About Me/Us Page

The most important page on your website. After you’ve discovered your WHY, then tell the world about you and your venture.

Module 3: Personas and Client Avatar

The WHO is vitally important to your success. You’ve got to target the right people, the ones who resonate with what you’re providing. We’ll work on building those client avatars, working on them until they feel like one of the family!

Module 4: Site Architecture and Organization

So, now that you know what you want to say and WHY and for WHOM, let’s organize that content so that no one gets lost on your site and especially so your message doesn’t get lost. We also want to make Google Happy!

Module 5: Creating your Site Mockup

Site architecture works like a frame. Now, we get to dress it all up with visual imagery. This is where our site organization defines design. We’ll use some mockup tools to create a simple, visually pleasing design. We will take into consideration font and branding colors.

Module 6: Installing & Setting Up Your WordPress Site

We are going to install WordPress on your hosting server, then install the plugins and theme you’ll be using. You’ll get a crash course on basic WordPress usage then we’ll set up that site architecture and create custom post types and custom fields for your content. Nerdie, I know. But, not scary!

Module 7: Putting It All together: From Mock to Real

Okay, it’s time to build. Yes, there may be geeky stuff here, but you’ll be glad you’ve gained some brainiac knowledge. A little html and css can go a long way! And I make it painless. I promise! And since we are in the era of Gutenberg, the new editing experience for WordPress, that is the train we’ll be hopping.

Module 8: Email Capture with Active Campaign

Building your email list is one of the most important things you can do to grow your business or gain wider exposure. Sure, you may have loads of Facebook or Twitter followers, but you OWN your email list and you can have much more personal engagement. We’ll be using Active Campaign (or Mailchimp, Aweber if you prefer). We’ll be adding an email capture form to your site and learn about email sequencing and automation, and lead magnets! We’ll cover the no-no’s of mass emailing, too!

Module 9: Picture This: Images & Your WordPress Site

One of the most important aspects of your site will the photographs and graphics you use. Choosing compelling, unique imagery helps you stand apart and also livens up your site. You’ll also learn how to optimize your images for the web, how to make sure you get the SEO juice out of them and that they are accessible to those who can’t see them.

Module 10: Let’s Yoast to SEO!

That’s how you’re found, friends. And there are a few things you’ll have do to take advantage of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It’s not just about keywords. It’s about that wonderful content strategy we’ve carefully crafted. It’s also about performance. This is where image size matters! And why I talked you out of the slider! 😉 And finally, we enter the wonderful world of Schema!

Module 11: Instagram Like a Boss

I chose Instagram as our token social media foray. Why? Because as of 2018 it’s one of the best ways to express yourself and gain social followers. Plus, it’s simple and so much fun! You’ll learn about hashtagging for optimal viewing, how to organize your posts in a more pleasing and flattering way. What to post. We’ll also be diving into canva to create content memes for IG (Instagram).

Module 12: The Funnel is Cake!

You’ve heard the term “Funnel” and maybe you scratched your head a little? It’s simply a term for getting your niche to you so you can serve them. This doesn’t have to be overly complex, yet some funnels can Well, guess what? By the time you hit this session, you’ve accrued all the ingredients for a basic funnel. In this session I’ll introduce you to a beginner funnel. With this knowledge you can boldly go forth and create a funnel of love!

Module 13: Penciling In with Acuity Scheduling

You may think you don’t need scheduling software. Well, Acuity is one of those things that once you start using it, you realize you’ve ALWAYS had a need for it. We’ll go over the basics of Acuity and then set up calendars that work for you while you’re sleeping or doing other things rather than emailing back and forth, doing “What time is good for you?” tango!

What You Get in the WP with Heart Program

16 One on One 1 hour sessions of expert WordPress coaching and Custom Web Consulting as you build your DIY site.
One Straight-forward, visually pleasing website, that reflects your unique personality and resonates with your audience.
Weekly 45 minute Group Zoom calls 
Private WP with Heart Membership at Locked in Price of $4.44/month Forever  Access to Members only videos, resources and other content and membership in the private subscription Facebook Group.
WP with Heart Students Facebook Group for direct and group communication

And the most important component?


How Much is this Going to Cost?

So… did you just scroll immediately down to this section, past all the juicy stuff up there, to see what you’d be shelling out? If I give you the price, will you promise to scroll back up and read about why I created this Program? Okay, good.

WP with Heart Program Price

Your customized coaching adventure awaits!

In 16 One on One coaching sessions!


If you’ve read this far and you feel the tingles of excitement, then I’d love to ask you a few questions so that we know we’re a perfect fit. And, afterwards, you can scream “Hell yeah!” with unbridled enthusiasm.

I’d love to chat with you about this!

Let’s get the ball rolling!