You can’t succeed online unless
you’re aligned.

Perhaps know how wonderful it feels to show up authentically and uniquely yourself. The liberating feeling, the confidence. But sometimes this can be difficult online. The spontaneity fizzles and the end result doesn’t resonate with who you really are. I’ve discovered that when we are inspired by our inner guidance then showing up authentically and unapologetically as YOU just happens.

I’d love to take you on that inner journey and help you build a website to boot!

2023 Update to video:

WP with Heart One on One DIY Website Coaching is now 22 one hour sessions.

WordPress is now powering 43.2% of the web now!

What is WP with Heart?

A little bit nerdy and a whole lot of personal empowerment. Get mentored on creativity, spontaneity and following your inner guidance. I’m a WordPress expert and Consultant and will coach you as you create a web presence to radiate your unique, authentic self. Whether you’re a blogger, life coach, entrepreneur, performer; this workshop is for you if you’re ready to leave the cookie cutter way of doing things behind!

WP(WordPress) with Heart One on One DIY Website Coaching takes you from discovery to website launch via one-on-one sessions and a collaborative environment with other creative heart-inspired entrepreneurs via weekly Q and A-ha meetings.

Who is it for?

WP with Heart is for small budding enterprises: Transformational/Lifestyle coaches, writers, content creators, performers, etc who strive to empower and inspire others and enhance the world at large by leveraging their own inner guidance. Being uniquely authentic is the core of their messaging.

If you are a DIY/hands-on entrepreneur, this program is for you!

But, is this really for you?

Yes, if you are one who takes inspired action from the heart, rather than subscribing to a formula to build your business.

Yes, if you enjoy the spirit of collaboration and helping each other, including your “competition”, reach a higher level of achievement.

Yes, if these names resonate with you: Wayne Dyer, Byron Katie, Abraham-Hicks, Mike Dooley. Even more importantly: do their messages resonate with you?

If so, then you will be right at home in this program.

Why WordPress?

WordPress powers 43.2% of the web. It’s an incredible piece of software with a large vibrant, knowledgeable community of experts. It is infinitely extensible, flexible and can power your dreams.

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